Best Roadhouses in South Africa

Best roadhouses in South Africa… Casbah Roadhouse is rated at 2nd Best Roadhouse behind the Dollhouse of which has long time since closed down.

The roadhouse is a popular American tradition that spread to South Africa around the 40s. The concept was made popular also in pop culture in stories like On The Road and Easy Rider.

Traditionally the purpose of the roadhouse was to provide food and lodging for travelers, and they’d usually be situated on a main road. As things got more developed, roadhouses started serving food to people right in their car, offering a quick stopover for human fuel.

best roadhouses in south africa

Although South Africa’s roadhouses don’t all stick to this traditional formulae today, many still serve food on those grid trays attached to your car window, which offer diners a great sense of nostalgia and novelty.

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Like most roadhouses, Casbah has been around for quite a few decades, witnessing the changing landscape of its Pretorian surroundings. It’s own features haven’t changed much besides consistent maintenance that has kept the roadhouse in ship shape. Enjoy fast food like hotdogs, schwarmas, fish and chips, burgers and more!