Casbah Roadhouse Miscellaneous

Chips (Plate or Packet)

R 26,00

Box Chips (3 packets of Chips)

R 74,00

Small Chips

R 20,00

Chips & Salad (small portion) for De Luxe

R 48,00

Footlong (2 Viennas)

R 30,00

Saucy Fries

R 60,00

(Mushroom, Pepper, Garlic, Cheese, Monkey Gland)

Piece of Boerewors

R 35,00

Footlong Frankfurter

R 33,00

Footlong Russian

R 33,00

Buttered Rolls

R 9,00

Slice of Toast

R 6,00

Pineapple Added

R 8,00

Egg Extra

R 8,00

Slice of Cheese extra

R 8,00

Cheese extra grated

R 15,00

Hamburger Meat Only (160g)

R 25,00


Mushroom Sauce, Cheese Sauce,
Pepper Sauce, Monkey Gland Sauce,
Garlic Sauce, Peri-Peri Sauce, Mushroom Cheese Sauce Famous Rib Basting

R 33,00